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There are many ways to obtain expert legal care without paying substantial amounts for the privilege. Various fee shifting statutes allow you to collect your attorney fees from the wrongdoer under certain situations. Whether under contract or through statute, you may be entitled to legal counsel without any out-of-pocket cost. In other cases, contingency fees may be available to help reduce your financial risks even further. After you find a lawyer, ask about these programs.

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Reading legal information and laws online is one thing, but applying every relevant procedural and substantive law to your unique situation is quite another. After all, despite hours of research, we don’t know what we don’t know. Attorneys already specialize in matching one-of-a-kind situations to relevant law. In the end, you might be surprised that your case is worth more than you ever thought possible.

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Many cases require action in multiple legal venues. Your retained counsel may represent your interests before administrative boards and judges, state and federal trial and appeals courts, and with arbitrators and mediators. An attorney can help you navigate almost every legal matter from start to finish, no matter where it takes you. It can be easy to find a lawyer or law firm with the experience you need.

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Most Attorneys carry malpractice insurance. This invaluable coverage allows clients to recover damages against an attorney that falls below the community standard of care for lawyers. If they lose your case due to incompetence, they owe you all consequential losses. If you fight your case alone, you are not protected at all against legal mistakes.

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Newest Featured Lawyers or Law Firms
Criminal Law

Suhre & Associates, LLC

  • Ohio
  • Henry Lasher
  • Criminal Law
Columbus DUI Attorneys focusing on representing those arrested for DUI,...
Family Law

Blau & Kriege

  • Kentucky
  • Mario Scott
  • Family Law
Blau & Kreige is a Northern Kentucky (KY) Law Firm...
Criminal Law

Dan Carman, Attorney at Law

  • Kentucky
  • Mark Ridder
  • Criminal Law
Lexington, KY Criminal & DUI Defense Attorney serving the residents...

The Law Office of Edwards & Johnson, LLC

  • Georgia
  • edwardsjohnsonlaw
  • Business
The attorneys at The Law Office of Edwards and Johnson,...
Legal Aid

Legacy Planning Law Group

  • Florida
  • Customer Services
  • Legal Aid

Welcome to The Newest Law Firms in Our Directory

Not Set

Law Office Of Alice Pare

  • Maryland
  • alicelaw.seo
  • Not Set
Law Office Of Alice Pare concentrates in Family Law and...
Personal Injury

Arnold Law Firm

  • California
  • arnoldlaw1
  • Personal Injury
The Arnold Law Firm has recovered millions of dollars in...
Criminal Law

Chris Lewis and Associates P.C.

  • Texas
  • CLAssociatesLaw-gmail-com
  • Criminal Law
Often included among the best criminal defense attorneys in Texas,...
Personal Injury

Mahoney & Mahoney, LLC

  • Illinois
  • MahoneyMahoneyLaw-gmail-com
  • Personal Injury
At Mahoney & Mahoney, LLC, practicing law is a family...
Patent & Trademark

Omni Legal Group - Santa Monica Office

  • California
  • omnilegalgroup345
  • Patent & Trademark
Omni Legal Group is a premier Patent, Trademark and Copyright...
Criminal Law

Schwartz Criminal Defense Firm

  • Michigan
  • schwartzcriminaldefense-gmail-com
  • Criminal Law
Steven L. Schwartz has been protecting the rights of persons...


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