In August of 2017, a judge granted preliminary approval of a class action settlement between primary plaintiff Jeana Parko and Shell/Conoco Philips in regards to allegations the oil companies released contaminants from the Wood River oil refinery. Parko charged in the class action lawsuit that Shell and Conoco Phillips released contaminants that eventually ended up [...]
Federal and state laws address the legal issues that arise when two willing parties agree to sign a contract. Based out of Arkansas, Grace Healthcare also discovered federal and state statutes protect nursing home residents from deceptive business practices. On May 25, 2017, a judge announced the preliminary approval of a class action settlement between [...]
Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not a good idea on the streets and even a much worse idea for companies that manage employee retirement plans. Northrop Grumman discovered the legal costs of the retirement version of robbing Peter to pay Paul. The Northrop Grumman class action settlement consolidates two class action lawsuits filed by [...]
When consumers want to access their medical records, they want to be charged a fair price that falls within the guidelines set by federal and state consumer protection laws. HealthPort Technologies LLC found out that overcharging consumers for access to medical records comes with a steep legal price. On May 10, 2017, a judge preliminarily [...]
Primary Plaintiff Troy Oglesby, Sr. filed a class action lawsuit against The “Original” W. Hargrove Demolition Company, which conducts business as Camden Towing. Oglesby alleges that Camden Towing overcharged vehicle owners for flatbed towing jobs the company conducted under a contract with the second defendant, the City of Camden, New Jersey. The contract signed in [...]
On April 11, 2017, a judge granted preliminary approval for a settlement of a class action lawsuit the involved FabFitFun gift cards. In October of 2016, primary plaintiff Julia Byerson filed the gift card class action lawsuit against FabFitFun and vendors Marrithew International Inc, Reeds Jewelers Inc, Physique 57 Inc, and Zumba Fitness LLC. Byerson [...]
For decades, federal and New York state laws have offered protections to vulnerable American workers. The intent of the laws is to prevent companies from implementing harsh employment practices, such as working employees more than 40 hours per week under standard pay schedules and exposing workers to dangerous workplace conditions. A recent class action lawsuit [...]
It turns out the not even the largest corporations are above federal law. A proposed settlement might end the Microsoft Corporation class action lawsuit that alleges the software development giant violated numerous provisions of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA). One of the violations involved Microsoft presenting consumers who used credit or debit [...]
Preliminary approval of a class action settlement on June 29, 2017 ends legal action against several River Metals Recycling locations for allegedly taking vehicles, without gaining permission from the owners. The primary plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit claimed the company ignored customer complaints about specific shops that conducted the illegal purchase of owner vehicles. [...]