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Kentucky River Metals Recycling Class Action Settlement Details Released

Preliminary approval of a class action settlement on June 29, 2017 ends legal action against several River Metals Recycling locations for allegedly taking vehicles, without gaining permission from the owners. The primary plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit claimed the company ignored customer complaints about specific shops that conducted the illegal purchase of owner vehicles.

Terms of the class action settlement require River Metals Recycling to pay eligible class members up to the “fair and good value for the vehicle as listed in the Kelley Blue Book or the average cost paid for scrap material by RMR based on the estimated vehicle weight of 3,000 pounds.” River Metals Recycling continues to deny the allegations listed in the class action lawsuit complaint, but the company agreed to the settlement to avoid the uncertainty of a lengthy civil trial.

What You Need To Know About The  Kentucky River Metals Recycling Class Action Settlement

According to court documents, eligible class members of the River Metals Recycling class action settlement “include anyone who, between Jan. 23, 2011 and June 29, 2017, was the owner of a motor vehicle that was stolen or taken without your consent or authorization and was transferred or sold to any of River Metals Recycling’s Kentucky locations without your consent or authorization” Qualifying class members who want to opt out of the class action settlement or dispute any provision of the agreement must file paperwork with the class  action settlement administrator by October 17, 2017. Class counsel stated that River Metals Recycling either took a vehicle directly or received scrap metal from other businesses.

The potential award for eligible class members varies, with some class members qualifying to receive a settlement award that covers the complete estimated value of the taken vehicle. If another business, such as a scrap metal company, took your vehicle and sold the scrap metal to River Metals Recycling, you might be eligible to receive a settlement award calculated by multiplying the estimated weight of the vehicle by the average price per pound of the metal. A provision within the class action settlement requires class members to present vehicle information that includes the make, the model, and the year the automaker manufactured the vehicle. The class action settlement administrator suggests class members include proof of ownership with the filing of a valid and timely claim form.

Class members have until October 17, 2017 to submit a valid claim form. The judge presiding over the case Mohamed Salem Abdellahi, et al. v. River Metals Recycling LLC, Case No. 13-CI-00095, in the Campbell Circuit Court for the Commonwealth of Kentucky has scheduled the final hearing on October 20, 2017. Download the transcript of the final hearing at www.RiverMetalsRecyclingSettlement.com. The class action settlement website also lists the attorneys representing the class and defense counsels.

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