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Gruenstein & Hickey: Daniel W. Hickey serves Anchorage and surrounding areas and is licensed to provide legal services throughout Alaska.

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Gruenstein & Hickey: Daniel W. Hickey may be able to assist with your Personal Injury Law issue. A Alaska Personal Injury Attorney can ensure that you receive just and fair compensation for injuries caused by auto or motorcycle accidents, employers, commercial properties and more. Anchorage.

You may be entitled to lost wages, medical expenses, disability payments, pain and suffering, punitive damages and costs associated with long term disability, medical rehabilitation and retraining. Contacting Gruenstein & Hickey: Daniel W. Hickey may be a great way to receive the personal injury compensation and care you deserve for your injuries.

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Gruenstein & Hickey: Daniel W. Hickey may be able to assist with your Business Law issue. A Alaska Business Law Attorney can ensure that your business or corporation receives a legally sound formation, structure and operational environment. A Business Law Lawyer can offer legal guidance on contracts, employee rights, labor laws, including the formation, purchase and sale of businesses in Anchorage.

Your business may be entitled to legal remedies against other business, employee’s and contracting parties, including the creation and enforcement of contracts and intellectual property such as trademarks, patents and copyrights. Contacting Gruenstein & Hickey: Daniel W. Hickey may be an advisable way to receive the protection, defense and care your business deserves in a complex statutory legal environment.

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Description: Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Gruenstein & Hickey Attorneys provides representation in personal injury, class action and business matters. Call 800-868-6134.

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