asked 5 years ago

Author: Wendy Gonzalez

I have a 2 and half year old boy and his father and I lived together for 13 years and never married. The father bought a house 3 years ago and I was living in his house paying for association fees utility bills, etc. However, he asked me to leave the house recently which I did without hesitation but know he is not cooperating with the co-parenting plan we had established outside of court , he has a very busy schedule at work, I can’t establish a routine for our child, he cant commit to a set schedule, he wants to pick up our son whenever he has time, he gives me money whenever he feels like it and I can’t even pay for rent because I had to quit my job and become a substitute teacher so I could have more flexibility to care for our child. I can’t afford a lawyer either My question for you is. How do I apply for your services? Or can some one guide me on how to go to court to have a judge review our case and determine custody. I’ve always been my son primary caregiver because he was never home. I need professional guidance I don’t know how to resolve this. Thank yu.