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asked 6 years ago

Author: Andy

Involved in accident at work 3 months ago and now have been deemed fully recovered. I was struck by a customers vehicle while guiding them backing up to their RV and fractured a transverse process fracture of L1 vertebrae. Customer said their brake light came on and they mistakenly pushed accelerator pedal to floor and held it, squealing tires, gaining momentum for 10-15 feet before bouncing me off rear of suv and into their trailer. The struck the trailer hard enough to render it non towable. Medicals were paid by workers compensation totaling around $11000 including 3 weeks of physical therapy. My settlement demand will only include loss of income and pain and suffering. I was restricted to not lifting over 15 pounds for a month and a half, no twisting bending stooping or kneeling for weeks. I have an 18month old daughter that I am responsible for taking care of upon waking up each morning and was told not to pick her up for a month. My 10 year old son had to speak to a school counselor multiple times due to anxiety from this accident. I also do all the household laundry, most of the cleaning, and all of our maintenance both household and automotive and could not do any of this for a month. Loss of consortium with my spouse for a month as well. The driver had insurance on 2 vehicles but not the one they struck me with, and added it to their policy 2 days after accident. Police report details her claiming liability. I’m now recovered and will not suffer long term problems as long as I am active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I plan on writing my own demand letter to State Farm, Big need advice on where to begin my negotiations. I’ve heard of the multiplier method but have no clue which multiplier to use in this case any advice is greatly appreciated