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Hello all,

My priority date is July 2014. I have both EB 2 and EB 3 I-140 approvals. My I-485 application filed in Oct 2020 under EB 3. I received my EAD and AP in Mar 2022. My employer has agreed to interfile on June 1st 2022 to move from EB 3 to EB 2 as my priority date becomes current. My application is with California service center.

I am interested in knowing if there are any advantages or disadvantages to filing a NEW EB 2 application (refile) in conjunction with interfiling (as most re-filing applications seem to be sent to National Benefits Center and are being adjudicated sooner).

I would not mind paying fees for a new application (re-filing) if it is going to get adjudicated sooner.

Thank you.