Free Legal Advice Near You. Find Answers And Ask Legal Questions From Your Own Community.If a landlord hasn’t provided a signed copy of the lease back after I signed and sent to him and now asking me to vacate house
asked 4 months ago

Author: Sangam Rawat

5 people live in my house,I am only woman among them. Recently, kitchen’s window got a huge crack on it and my landlord is asking only me to pay for it. I said I did not break it and won’t pay for it then he said that I will convince others to pay for it, I said I have no rights to ask them for anything because they pay rent to you not to me. Other people confronted once that he does not pick anybody else’s calls or reply to their messages. He always calls and text me to inquire about house activities. 2 days later, he said that I and one other guy who live on ground floor will pay for it because it’s ground floor window and we live on ground floor. However, it’s a common area and everybody uses that. Lastly, I wrote that I am not solely responsible for this damage so please do not call only me because there are other people also to talk to and if you are only calling me because I am the only woman in house and you think you can make me responsible for this damage then I am sorry I will not accept it. Finally, his words came out that after right receiving this month’s rent “now the only thing which is going to happen is that you are going to vacate this house”. What are my rights?