asked 7 years ago

Author: Olesia

my husband is a US citizen, and my daughter and I are conditional green card holders.We’ve been married since Nov, 3rd, 2015. We moved to the USA Feb, 6th, 2017. In December, 2017 my husband is going overseas to serve at an unaccompunied base for a year as he is a military member, and my daugher and I will have no other support here in the USA, so we’ll have to go to Ukraine for the meantime. Can my daughter and I still under the circumstances get our citizenship any time soon before we have to leave in December, 2017? Or could we at least get it by the time of our 3rd anniversary in Nov, 2018 despite we’d be gone for a year? I so much hope there are exceptions for cases like ours. We plan to return to the USA in Nov or Dec, 2018. Please, help us with our complicated situation. Thank you. Sincerely, Olesia.