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asked 4 months ago

Author: Kevin

This commercial property is in Maui, Hawaii. Access to it is through a private road (Main Private Road) that is shown as a TMK that connects to 2 other private roads (Private Road 1 and Private Road 2). Currently access to this property is from Private Road 1 (15 feet wide) that connects to the Main Private Road. The Main Private Road is not built through to Private Road 2 (25 feet wide). In order to get fire truck access to the property (20 foot minimum width) the Main Private Road needs to be developed to connect to Private Road 2. The owners of Private Road 2 and the Main Private Road are refusing to sign the grading permit from Main Private Road to Private Road 2, thus making this commercial property unable to ever be developed as no structure could ever get approved without firetruck access. Of note, Private Road 2 and Main Private Road are the same TMK.