asked 7 years ago

Author: Rennie

I was a at will employee in the state of PA.Fired for creating hostile work environment. I worked with a AGM closely for 4yrs because I had the title of leaderperson and in the past 1yr we got a new manager she couldn’t get along with constintly complaining about him to myself and others creating alot of stress and discomfort on myself and others.I always just went along with what ever she said because most of the time the GM would be traveling. She is well known to mistreat you and make work environment very uncomfortable. I would talk to GM about the issues when I would see him and so would other employees. I didn’t know about hotline till recently and even so hard to trust there wouldn’t be retaliation. At one point a few months ago the GM had made the dicision to fire her but the old GM called him an asked to give her a chance to change.He agreed to do so but she didn’t change much.Eventually she got another job and when she did she had called this hotline.HR had come to investigate.A high officer started out telling me how good of a job I have been doing and how much I mean to the company. I was questioned if I had seen any one leave work with material without paying for it.I had said no just that the AGM had said about it.She had said our inventory is off because he took something at times. I had told HR that our inventory has always been off since we opened.Then I was asked how the moral is on the floor. I replied seems to be a little more up beat since the AGM left.I had to explain how she made things uncomfortable and gave us attitude at times just because we had a question about an order and sometimes for no given reason. The only problem that we have on floor is no material has been coming in causing back orders which makes it had to complete an order in sufficient amount of time.Then at the end of that work day I get a text from exAGM which she has been texting me since leaving on a regular basis asking how things are going.This text says I have one question. If i was so bad to work for why didn’t any one go to corp about me.I never responded back.A few weeks after her text HR comes back and know im investigated. I didn’t know at first thats what they was doing cause they said it was a follow up.When I asked GM he said it was about him.The initial question was asking how things was going I told them samething as first time there and things are a mess in the office but their short handed and I had been trying to help as much as possible.Then they ask me if I have the ability to write someone up.I said yes I was given that a few weeks ago.But it needs to be discussed with GM.I had written up one person for committing an unsafe act that resulted in damaged material but I didn’t think to explain the fact that I wrote someone up and they didn’t ask if I had wrote anyone up.When asked if I was disliked by any one I said not that im aware of but there could be someone that doesn’t like me.Im the one on the floor that has to enforce rules and talks to employees about their mistakes.I know there are a couple of guys that would like to be in my position.I was asked if I had any disagreements with any one I said yes two differant guys both was when I went to talk to them about what they did wrong and I did it with out try to creat a conflict but they got angry started to argue with me and I argued back then we moved on.When asked if I have ever prevented someone from doing there job said no I do anything I can to help anyone out that needs help.I was also asked if I ever used profanitytowards anyone said no not in or out of work thats something you just dont do.After HR left I had talked to GM he told me that all write ups have to go through HR first as if the write up I gave wasn’t cause for one.He was questioned on favoring me for talking to me so much he replied so he said that Im his lead man that he needs to communicate with me.The same day HR was investigating me I had an interview for AGM position. My GM’s boss did interview told me I have great leadership all the right tools but the technical side of it which I knew that and was up front about it.I didn’t get the job.A few weeks later the same senior officer comes back and fires me along with his boss. How is it Im told about how great of a leader I am and just got a three and half percent raise because of it compared to other employees 3 percent then im fired for creating hostile environment.I had been with company since they opened 4 and half years ago have had two differant GM’s both have giving me higher pay raises than other employees for going above and beyond my duties.Both have giving me higher performance reviews than they have ever given anyone said by them.I have no write ups or verbal warnings for anything.Almost perfact attendence for the four and half years.My GM was also fired for poor management. I dont know how to prove I was wrongfully terminated or if its possible being an at will worker.I feel that their discussion to fire him affected me but don’t know if its possible to prove.I could reach out to both GM’s as proof of my work ethic but don’t know if that can help in anyway. I am wanting to know if there is any charges or actions I could look at persuing or did i just get a raw deal.In advance thank you for any advice or opinions.