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Based on my recent less than satisfactory experience with the Eskridge Lexus dealership in Oklahoma City, I felt it was important that I share the details associated with my incident so other consumers can be warned of the current practices at this business and respond accordingly. I originally scheduled a service appointment for October 5, 2021 to address some minor routine maintenance items associated with my RC 350, such as air filter replacement, windshield wiper replacement, and antifreeze replacement. At the time I was not experiencing any electrical related issues with the vehicle, but during the service visit the technician suggested a few other items, including replacement of the battery and one of the battery cables. I agreed to these additional items, but, unfortunately, when I picked-up my vehicle and was driving home I noticed that there was no sound associated with the radio. While the channels were visible and you could change channels on the radio, there was no sound level indication and no sound actually coming from the speakers. The next day I notified my Eskridge service representative of this situation and he requested I bring the vehicle back at my earliest convenience and they would correct the situation. I wasn’t able to return the vehicle to Eskridge until the following week, but during the subsequent time I did some research on the internet and found that this problem seemed to be a rather common problem with Lexus vehicles whenever the battery was replaced. Therefore, I assumed returning my RC 350 to Eskridge would result in the sound problem being corrected quickly and easily. Unfortunately, quite the opposite occurred. Approximately 2 hours after I had dropped-off the vehicle on October 12, I received a call from the Service Representative informing me that they had not been able to correct the sound issue and I would need to pay $3500 for replacement of the amplifier unit. I found this quite astonishing that the dealership was seeking compensation from me for a problem which was created while it was in their possession during the initial service visit. Possibly the vehicle software was not rebooted properly which is keeping the sound system from functioning properly. Possibly the service technician accidentally short circuited the electrical system while reconnecting the battery and battery cable. I would most certainly hope the genesis of this problem is not that Eskridge is seeking to enhance their financial bottom line by creating additional “service issues” for their customers to help offset recent declines in new vehicle availability and revenue from new car sales. Whatever the root cause for this problem, this issue arose while the vehicle was in the possession of Eskridge and I have notified them that I absolutely, positively am NOT going to pay for a problem which they created!
To date, I have received no follow-up communication from the dealership regarding their intention to correct this situation and the Lexus corporate representatives have told me there is nothing they can do to assist. This entire experience has caused me to question the business ethics of both Eskridge and Lexus. While I have owned multiple Lexus vehicles over the years, I have come to the conclusion that Eskridge is not a dealership with whom I wish to conduct business and, since it is the only Lexus dealership in the area, I will no longer be purchasing Lexus vehicles in the future. Roger Staubach once commented that “At a car dealership, the person who sells the car is the hero and also gets the commission. But if the mechanics don’t service that car well, the customer won’t return”. That quote is most definitely applicable in this situation!!!

Author of Complaint: Greg
Company: Eskridge Lexus
Company website:
City where complaint occurred: Oklahoma City

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