When her husband Charles passed away in 2015, Marie Bailey found herself in a tax bind. “I never did any of our taxes,” Marie said. “I helped Charles with the math sometimes, but outside of that, I had no idea how to file an income tax return.” The IRS code requires the expertise of the […]

Uncle Sam is a lot like creditors and not like kneecap busting mobsters. Uncle Sam just wants his money, which means despite stories of heavy-handedness, the IRS is willing to work out agreements with taxpayers to collect overdue tax bills. However, never expect the IRS to extend an offer to work out an installment agreement. […]

A Lot at Stake: How to Find The Right Tax Attorney Mike Donatt is a criminal attorney living in St. Louis. When he needed legal help for a tax issue, Donatt contacted an attorney who specialized in tax law. However, most taxpayers are not as well connected and need to learn how to find the […]

An IRS audit strikes fear into every American that endures the frustration of completing complicated federal income tax forms. Never mind that the 5th Amendment to the Constitution prohibits self-incrimination. The IRS will come after you if you fail to submit accurate income tax forms. Some taxpayers believe the IRS performs audits based on which […]

For the first time since she got married, Marie Bailey faced filing taxes alone. For more than 50 years, her husband Charles prepared all of the necessary paperwork required by state and federal tax laws. After Charles passed away, Marie was left holding the tax bag. “I was at a loss as what to do,” […]

Dave Benzinger fondly remembers the day he turned 50. “I celebrated because of the significance of living a half-century,” Benzinger said. “Then reality set in.” Reality came in the form of a welcome letter from the AARP. After receiving the letter from AARP, Benzinger began to take his personal finances more seriously. “It wasn’t about […]

Notorious gangster, Al Capone, violated several federal laws that could have led to his permanent incarceration. Capone’s ruthless gangs shook down business owners, bootlegged prohibited liquor, and robbed banks to finance violent crimes perpetrated against other gangs and ordinary citizens. However, it was not murder, extortion, and racketeering that landed Capone in legal hot water. […]

Every April, a major transition takes place between winter and spring throughout the United States. We welcome back the chirping birds that serenade us. Flowers bloom myriad colors and the grass turns lush green. Baseball begins and days grow longer. We kicked Old Man Winter in the butt. However, we still should deal with a […]