Class action lawsuits bring together myriad plaintiffs that endure similar pain and suffering, from receiving debilitating injuries to losing substantial wealth. Lead plaintiffs in class action lawsuits assume the responsibility of presenting the legal case for the rest of the class members. As Cynthia Early says, lead plaintiffs must hire the right attorney to win […]

The United States permits class action lawsuits to enhance the performance of the judicial system. Class action brings together plaintiffs that have similar claims against an organization, which typically is a large multinational corporation or multi-unit national chain. In a class action lawsuit one or more plaintiffs (class members) represent the rest of the plaintiffs […]

Anyone who has watched The Insider understands the immense pressure that overwhelms anyone who starts a class action lawsuit. The movie that described the unraveling of the tobacco industry’s darkest secrets did well at the box office, but the truth is starting a class action lawsuit dramatically changes the lives of plaintiffs. Moreover, a powerful […]

During our years moving trough the education system, we were members of classes that varied in size. From the packed auditorium of freshman Introduction to English students in college to the handful of Calculus 2 classmates in high school, the size of our education classes mostly depended on the complexity of the subjects we took. […]

Anna Holland pays close attention to the fine print found within her monthly telephone bill. When she discovered her carrier had slipped in a few hidden fees, Anna contacted an attorney she knew who represented plaintiffs in consumer fraud cases. After an initial consultation, Anna decided not to file an individual claim and instead, wait […]