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How To Find The Right Class Action Lawsuit Attorney

Class action lawsuits bring together myriad plaintiffs that endure similar pain and suffering, from receiving debilitating injuries to losing substantial wealth. Lead plaintiffs in class action lawsuits assume the responsibility of presenting the legal case for the rest of the class members. As Cynthia Early says, lead plaintiffs must hire the right attorney to win a class action case

“I started a class action lawsuit against an employer that failed to pay us for working overtime. Proving the loss of income was not as much of a hassle as finding the right attorney to represent us in court.”

If you have the evidence to move forward in a class action lawsuit, you need to consider several factors that determine the right class action lawsuit attorney for your case.


Class action lawsuits have brought opportunists out of the legal woodwork. Phony diplomas and other faked credentials make anyone capable of presenting themselves as licensed attorneys. The first step to find the right class action lawsuit attorney involves confirming academic credentials. Moreover, you want to work a licensed attorney that received a degree from a highly regarded law school.


The right class action lawsuit attorney must possess experience litigating similar cases. If your class action claim involves product liability charges, you need to find a licensed lawyer that has experience litigating product liability class action cases. The key phrase here is “class action cases.” Attorneys that present evidence in individual criminal cases might not have the legal chops to litigate lawsuits that represent a large group of plaintiffs.


Class action lawsuits rarely involve just one attorney. You can expect to work with several attorneys that specialize in different aspects of litigating class action lawsuits. If you find an attorney that has the education and experience to litigate class action claims, make sure the attorney works well with other attorneys that will participate in the case. To avoid hiring an attorney that does not play well with his or her professional peers, you should search for a law firm that employs a team of lawyers that specialize in your type of class action litigation.

Courtroom Accomplishments

One of the first questions you ask a prospective class action attorney is “What is your track record in handling class action lawsuits.” Although the percentage of winning cases has some influence in your decision making process, the more reliable number is the number of cases won. Class action lawsuits are difficult to prove and thus, an attorney that has amassed a significant number class action victories should move to the top of your list of the right class action lawsuit attorneys.


When you think of legal resources, you probably think of thick textbooks that reveal the path to class action lawsuit success. Yes, legal references matter in the filing of a class action lawsuit. However, legal resources also include the network of legal experts an attorney has to lean on during a class action case. You also have to make sure an attorney or law firm has the financial resources to litigate a protracted class action lawsuit. Most class action attorneys agree to no upfront fees and instead, enjoy a slice of the financial award handed out at the end of a class action trial.

Sometimes, networking with friends, family members, and professional peers will unveil the right class action lawsuit attorney for your case. The attorney you select to litigate a class action claim should offer a free initial consultation that helps you decide whether to file a class action lawsuit.

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