In most states, loss of life enjoyment may be a component of “pain and suffering” damages. Modernly however the loss of enjoyment of life has developed as a distinct element of allowable damages. In these cases, courts have drawn the distinction between the pain and suffering of the traumatic injury itself, and the loss of […]

Personal injury future medical expenses can be a critical component of your eventual settlement. You are entitled to the present day value (adjusted for inflation and rising health costs) of your expected future medical care. A treating physician will typically testify as to the likely future treatments required to care for your injuries. These future […]

Courts have long recognized that injured individuals who experience stress, anxiety, fright, depression, grief or trauma caused by another should be compensate for these psychological injuries. To be sure, mental anguish and the mental suffering it encompasses is a very real component of an injured person’s pain and suffering. As a result, if you have […]

What exactly is “Pain and Suffering”? This broad theory of recovery has different meanings to different courts. For example, in California, an injured person may receive compensation not only for cost reimbursement, but also for the psychological suffering resulting from the other person’s negligent acts. Accordingly, “Pain and Suffering” damages are generally available in most […]

It is no secret that any permanent disability can have a negative life long impact on an individuals’ career prospects, finances and quality of life. Such suffering exists in addition to the pain and suffering, medical bills and loss of enjoyment already experienced by the injured person. When you ultimately suffer a permanent disability resulting […]

While “Lost Wages” refers exclusively to the loss of income associated with your injury up to the present, “Lost Earning Capacity” looks to the future. These future lost earnings, or impairment of future earning potential, are a very real consequence of any serious injury. Courts have long agreed that if an at-fault party causes an […]

Have you or someone you love been injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident? If your injuries were caused by someone else, you are likely entitled to compensation for the harm they caused. Beyond medical bill reimbursement, an injured person is likely owed lost wages, pain and suffering, future medical care and more. If […]

Who Pays for Personal Injuries in a Car Accident? How do courts figure out who owes who in a typical auto accident or negligence case? Before someone can ask for compensation for their injuries, they must determine who is legally at fault for them. If someone drives their own car off a bridge, it will […]

Have you been injured by a product? Did the product fail to perform as advertised? If you believe either of these scenarios apply to you, you may be entitled to compensation. Where a defective product has been found and caused a personal injury, companies in the change of possession are all jointly and severally liable […]