Two of the most common types of birth injuries derive from two distinctly different medical conditions called Erb’s and cerebral palsy. Both Erb’s and cerebral palsy frequently occur during birth delivery, although cerebral palsy can at times happen a little before or a little after the delivery of an infant. An Overview of Cerebral Palsy […]

Suffering an injury and/or property damage because of negligence causes an excessive amount of stress. You do not need to deal with an insurance company that aggravates your misery by failing to abide by the terms of the contract you and the company signed. Unfortunately, far too many insurance companies across every insurance niche fail […]

Mike Cutler was walking from his car to his home. It sounds like a story that should have a happy ending, but Mike slipped on a small patch of ice and fell to the ground. On the way down, he tried to stop his fall by placing his hand on the ground. Unfortunately, Mike hit […]

Small business operators deal with myriad laws and regulations that can make you feel dizzy. Many small businesses deal with laws and regulations that pertain to the storing and handling of hazardous materials. Hazardous waste falls under three broad categories: ignitable, corrosive, and toxic. Items that we use every day such as oils, paints, cleaners […]

There is many ways to interpret a wide variety of state and federal laws, but there is only one way to interpret most civil cases. They cost a lot of money. Between court and attorney fees, you can lose thousands of dollars during prolonged civil case, and that is just what the plaintiff pays. Defendants-especially […]

Myra Taylor was taking a scenic route during an afternoon bicycle ride, when a vehicle clipped her rear wheel and caused her to crash into the road pavement. Extensive injuries to the arms and shoulder laid Myra up in a hospital for days. Mounting medical bills and the loss of work wages put her in […]

Personal Injuries due to negligence are a common feature of modern society. Complex environments, machines and situations often conspire with abundant distractions to produce dangerous outcomes. Serious injury or wrongful death ensues. These circumstances are in every case difficult and tragic affairs. Not only do individuals fight to recover physically, they must endure serious financial […]

When someone has been seriously injured by the negligence of another person, thre often remains a perpetual reminder of the accident in the form of permanent scars or other disfigurement. Thankfully the justice system recognizes how such long term physical changes reduce the injure person’s quality of life. In many instances these physical changes may […]

Often times, the victims of negligence suffer injuries that make maintaining the health and welfare of a home incredibly difficult or impossible. In home care services may be required to operate your home if your injuries make performance of certain activities impossible. Common grounds for receipt of household services include an inability to do laundry, […]

Loss of consortium may sound like an odd concept, but it is in fact a very personal and very serious consequence of many personal injury accidents. The physical pain of injuries caused by others is often severe, however the emotional cost of these injuries is often overlooked as a result. Loss of consortium simply means […]