Personal Injury

Injured And Disfigured

When someone has been seriously injured by the negligence of another person, thre often remains a perpetual reminder of the accident in the form of permanent scars or other disfigurement. Thankfully the justice system recognizes how such long term physical changes reduce the injure person’s quality of life. In many instances these physical changes may be obvious to strangers, and present a hurdle to societal interaction that affects their well-being.

A person suffering from permanent scarring or disfigurement may be entitled to compensation for mental anguish, future medical bills and permanent injuries. If you are thinking of initiating a personal injury lawsuit, the compensation available to you will likely account for the following variables unique to your situation:

  • The location of the scarring and/or disfigurement on your body
  • The extent and scope of the scarring/disfigurement
  • Does the scarring/disfigurement impair your ability to learn and earn a living?
  • Will the scarring and/or disfigurement become a source of future embarrassment?
  • How much will the scarring and/or disfigurement negatively impact your quality of life?

Typically these injuries occur in conjunction with physical nerve or soft tissue pain, as well as psychological trauma. Ongoing medical care and reconstructive surgery may be available under these circumstances. We can help you receive full compensation for these injuries to the extent available by law in your community.

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