Small business operators deal with myriad laws and regulations that can make you feel dizzy. Many small businesses deal with laws and regulations that pertain to the storing and handling of hazardous materials. Hazardous waste falls under three broad categories: ignitable, corrosive, and toxic. Items that we use every day such as oils, paints, cleaners […]

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) represents the federal agency that implements rules and regulations that ensure the health and safety of American workers. Employees who ply their professional skills in the United States enjoy workplaces that are “reasonably free of health and safety hazards.” Tucson, Arizona restaurant owner Brett Bennett quickly learned about […]

Americans typically spend about 40 hours per week on the job, which means you have at least 40 hours out of your week to experience an employment related injury. While personal injury statutes receive most of the media scrutiny, injuries that occur at work are more common and in many cases, more preventable. Jennifer Motzkow […]

Before he launched his lawn care business, Andy Froesel worked for a landscaping company that employed between six and eight workers during the peak business season. During his tenure with the landscaping company, Andy incurred a serious leg injury caused by a piece of wood that shot out of a grass collection bag. “I wasn’t […]

According to the United States Department of Labor, one out of every 10 construction workers is injured each year. Construction workers that spend 45 years in a trade have a one out of 200 chance of dying. Falls from roofs, ladders, and scaffolds represent the most frequent cause of construction site injuries. One government agency […]

Kristi Reyes began experiencing a dull pain in her lower back. She initially attributed the pain to her bed mattress. That is, until the pain grew even stronger after she bought a new mattress. Eventually, Kristi concluded the repetitive lifting of boxes that weighed roughly 50 pounds at her workplace caused the dull pain, which […]

Congratulations! You have jumped through all of the legal hurdles that blocked the progress of most workers’ compensation claims. The legal advice of a license employment law attorney made the difference between winning your claim and trying to find ways to make financial ends meet. Yet, you are not out of the proverbial woods. The […]

Cynthia Early managed a Damon’s restaurant during the 1990s that required major renovations. What Early did not realize at the time became a major workers’ compensation case. Asbestos in the ceiling insulation caused several of the restaurant workers to incur lingering respiratory illnesses. After one of the works sought medical attention, the cause of the […]

For Gene Viola, the workplace became toxic when he was diagnosed with Stage I lung cancer. At the time, Gene had never heard of the term Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS). However, Mr. Viola was aware of the adverse health effects of second hand smoke, which is the most common way for referring to ETS. Like […]