The explosive immigration debate has polarized Americans, but one facet of the explosive debate typically flies under the media’s radar Employers based in the United States have the legal obligation to verify employment eligibility for every prospective worker who walks through the company front door. Events over the past 20 years have dramatically altered the […]

We hear the nightmare stories told by weary travelers who took all they could take from an airline. From long check in lines to rude clerks, the airline industry receives its fair share of customer complaints. Of course, TSA bungling has made flying more of a tortuous ordeal than an efficient way to get from […]

Suffering an injury and/or property damage because of negligence causes an excessive amount of stress. You do not need to deal with an insurance company that aggravates your misery by failing to abide by the terms of the contract you and the company signed. Unfortunately, far too many insurance companies across every insurance niche fail […]

You have read or heard the stories of the theft of inventions and discoveries. Someone puts all of the hard work to create a new process and a competitor swoops in a steals the idea. The myriad innovations created by the Apple co-founders come to mind. To prevent theft of your creative ideas, you need […]

  Do you think your small business is immune from employee theft? Think again. In 2011, Girl Scout troop leader, Christa Utt, embezzle more than $5,000 from the annual sales of Girl Scout cookies. An Oklahoma court found Utt guilty of the embezzlement scheme, which deprived her troop of the funds required to hold the […]

  Stories of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents breaking down doors to confiscate small business property make the evening news. IRS agents clad in black suits wearing sunglasses seize what they can to make up for the sheltering of income that never sees the light of an income statement day. However, most small businesses under […]

St. Louis Attorney Joseph Bante had his sights on pursuing criminal law after passing the Bar examinations in both Missouri and Illinois. A few years passed and Joe realized he had an opportunity to make a legal go of it in business law. After all, many of his high school and college friends started small […]

Patrick Carano waited 20 years to achieve his American Dream. Patrick, who co-owns The Rack in Clive Iowa, spent about 20 years managing another pool hall in the Des Moines metro area. During his 20 years of running a small business, Patrick learned many valuable lessons that have helped him make a smooth transition from manager […]

Entrepreneurs have the ability to create compelling business ideas, as well as attract investors to help them pursue their dreams. However, far too many entrepreneurs try to start a business, without first consulting an attorney. Starting a business requires an in depth knowledge of the laws and regulations that change daily. Because of the rapidly […]

Business operators have to make countless decisions to navigate through the choppy economic waters successfully. Perhaps no business decision requires more forethought and planning than the decision on the type of legal structure to form your business. Often referred to as a business form or business ownership structure, the type of structure you choose for […]