The explosive immigration debate has polarized Americans, but one facet of the explosive debate typically flies under the media’s radar Employers based in the United States have the legal obligation to verify employment eligibility for every prospective worker who walks through the company front door. Events over the past 20 years have dramatically altered the […]

It does not happen often, but it is possible for a legally naturalized United States citizen to receive denaturalization. The chances of deportation have increased dramatically since the onset of the war on terror. Recent political events in regards to immigration have also prompted more requests for denaturalization Legal Reasons for Denaturalization The most common […]

The world is full of persecution and the United States offers a haven for individuals who suffer from political, economic, and/or religious persecution. That is the good news. The bad news is the asylum process in the United States is akin to navigating a minefield in a war-torn region of the world. Overview of Asylum […]

You most likely have read or heard about the push to implement restrictions on immigration to the United States. The loud calls for immigration reform apply to immigrants who migrate to the United States and remain residents, without following the immigration laws currently on the books. One aspect of immigration law that often goes unnoticed […]

Beki Grinter’s experience is a familiar one for many immigrants that seek to become United States citizens. The complex citizenship process dragged on for nearly 20 years Beki, at a cost of more than $20,000 for filing application, authorization, and H1 B paperwork. One minor slip would have derailed Beki’s dream of becoming an American […]

Many immigrants consider the naturalization test to represent the most difficult hurdle to climb of the citizenship process. After all, if a majority of legal American citizens fails the test, how can immigrants expect to seal the immigration deal by passing the same citizenship test.? The naturalization test measures immigrant knowledge of American civics, with […]

If you want to move to the United States and establish permanent residency, you have to learn many native axioms. “Don’t put the cart before the horse” is one of the most important sayings to learn, especially for immigrants. The axiom means don’t do things in the wrong order. For immigrants, the saying means to […]

Spend an hour or so reading about immigration horror stories, and you come away with the idea that our system is broken. However, not every immigration horror story involves a mix up at the Department of Justice or misinterpretation of federal immigration law at the local level. In fact, four issues cause most of red […]

The recent raids conducted by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency prompted Nancy Landa to recollect her encounter with the federal agency. In September of 2009, two immigration officials stopped Landa at the Third Street entrance to Highway 710 N in Long Beach, California. “I’m dreaming; it’s a nightmare,” Landa thought at […]

In 2015, Alecia Pennington launched a viral campaign to prove her citizenship. Pennington refers to herself as a born and raised Texan, but unfortunately, her parents never acquired a birth certificate or other accepted legal documents that prove United States citizenship. Since she had no way to prove her identity, Pennington could not find a […]