Immigration Law


Beki Grinter’s experience is a familiar one for many immigrants that seek to become United States citizens. The complex citizenship process dragged on for nearly 20 years Beki, at a cost of more than $20,000 for filing application, authorization, and H1 B paperwork. One minor slip would have derailed Beki’s dream of becoming an American citizen. She heard things such as “we can’t process your application or your interim application in time, so you’ll have to do an emergency interim application.” filing to maintain legal status.

If it were not for her immigration attorney, Beki probably would have returned to her native country.

How an Immigration Attorney Can Help

Many immigrants experienced frustration from the overwhelming legal hurdles they must overcome to achieve American citizenship. Immigration laws seem to change daily and it is the rare person who has a grasp of the ever-changing immigration law landscape. Your frustration might arise from the inability to acquire a green card or trying to bring a family member into the United States. The role of an immigration lawyer is to meet all of the requirements mandated by United States immigration statutes. Immigration attorneys specialize in helping immigrants become naturalized citizens. Many immigrants first turn to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) for help filing the correct paperwork and meeting application deadlines. However, the USCIS is inundated with requests from immigrants and in most cases, cannot respond promptly to your questions

An accomplished immigration attorney devotes the time necessary to make your American citizenship dream come true.

Situations When You Must Hire an Immigration Attorney

Immigrants face countless obstacles on the road to achieving United States citizenship. Yet, 10 situations leave no doubt that you need the services of a licensed immigration attorney.

  • Denial of previous naturalization applications
  • You committed a crime
  • A United States court has convicted you of a crime
  • You have received a deportation notice
  • You possess a communicable disease
  • Your marriage to a United States citizen has failed
  • You have a child that turns 21 before the Government grants your permanent resident status
  • You employer has not offered to help you acquire a visa or green card
  • You have waited an unreasonably amount of time for a response to one or more of the applications you have filed
  • The paperwork process has left you hopelessly confused

What to Look for in an Immigration Attorney

Finding the right immigration lawyer for your case can be a difficult task. Most foreign-born nationals do not understand the American immigration legal process. The first thing to look for is proof of an immigration attorney’s license to practice law. Second, only consider immigration lawyers that specialize in immigration law. You never want to hire an immigration attorney that also dabbles in other legal niches, such as business law and intellectual property. Third, you should ensure an immigration lawyer has not overbooked his schedule with immigration cases. You immigration case deserves focused attention to transform you from an immigrant to a United States citizen. Finally, consider immigration attorneys that offer free consultations.

Clients and lawyers work closely together to resolve legal issues. However, the close relationship forged between clients and attorneys has special importance for immigration cases. Your immigration attorney must inform you daily of updates to your case. He or she also must remind you to complete the proper forms for filing with the United States government. Timing is essential to reach the conclusion of a successfully litigated immigration case. Do your part by following the advice of your immigration attorney.

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