It does not happen often, but it is possible for a legally naturalized United States citizen to receive denaturalization. The chances of deportation have increased dramatically since the onset of the war on terror. Recent political events in regards to immigration have also prompted more requests for denaturalization Legal Reasons for Denaturalization The most common […]

We know about buyer’s remorse. You know, the sick feeling in the stomach that screams we made a poor buying decision. Buyer’s remorse has now become a common theme of marriages. No, we’re not referring to divorce, we’re talking about prenuptial agreements. Family law attorney Joseph Bante cut his legal teeth early on as a […]

For Martha Bailey, her recent divorce was a protracted nightmare. First, Martha lives in a fault state where each side tries to pin blame on the other side for causing the divorce. After a judge approved the divorce settlement, Martha thought the worst was behind her. She was wrong. Martha had to deal with highly […]

No other word creates more angst within the legal system than the angst caused by the “D” word. Yes, we are talking about divorce, the legal process that can irrevocably tear families apart and cause riffs to develop that last a lifetime. Diane Bennett experienced the chaos caused by divorce first hand in 2004. She […]

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, almost 20 Americans per minute suffer from some type of physical abuse dished out by an intimate partner. During the course of one year, the staggering rate of domestic violence snares more than 10 million men and women. Nearly 33% of women and 25% of men suffer […]

Child custody cases often include legal mandates for paying child support. The parent that receives the designation of non-custodial must pay a monthly stipend to cover the expenses generated by raising a child. Child support decrees issued by a judge end divorce proceedings or court cases that determine the legitimacy of paternity. United States courts […]

If you and your spouse plan to grow your family through the adoption process, be prepared to jump through several legal hoops. Just ask Riley and Michelle of Des Moines, Iowa. “We wanted to adopt a neglected child in the foster care system here in the United States,” said Riley. “Michelle and I though it […]

In the 1979 Oscar nominated movie Kramer vs. Kramer, Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep play two parents locked in a bitter child custody battle. Although the film goes somewhat over the top emotionally, the fact remains that child custody represents one of the most gut wrenching legal processes parents go through. Who’s right and who’s […]

Sometimes, divorce is the only way to resolve marriage conflict. The quest to find lifelong love often ends up inside of a court room. Filing for divorce can create serious long-term consequences that not only have a legal and emotional impact for two marriage partners, but also for children, parents and close friends. Divorce law […]

Many lawyers cut their legal teeth in family law, before opting to pursue other niches within the legal profession. Family law encompasses numerous sub-niches that include divorce, child support, and foster care. Attorneys that practice family law must have empathy for clients that undergo emotionally draining changes in their lives. The purpose of this section […]