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Permanent Disabilities

It is no secret that any permanent disability can have a negative life long impact on an individuals’ career prospects, finances and quality of life. Such suffering exists in addition to the pain and suffering, medical bills and loss of enjoyment already experienced by the injured person. When you ultimately suffer a permanent disability resulting from the negligence of another person, the effects never go away.

Because of the very serious nature of any permanent disability, these injuries are a critical component of any personal injury claim. In many instances, these disabilities may be the primary factor in developing the eventual settlement amount. A qualified personal injury lawyer may argue for punitive damages from the at-fault party to increase your compensation, in addition to securing social security administration benefits as well.

Economic damages, such as medical bills and services, can become so large that the average injured person has no hope of paying for such care not only today but into the future. The current and future cost of coping with any permanent disability are appropriate damages that the at-fault party is legally obligated to pay. When past and future medical services are calculated, the resulting future medical expenses can quickly escalate into the million’s of dollars.

In addition to present and future medical bill reimbursement, permanent injuries place a real toll on the injured person’s ability to earn a living and provide for themselves financially. Lost future wages thus become a very serious component of compensating an injured person for the negligence of another. Calculating the lost earning potential of an injured individual may require the help of an expert, but the conclusions thy reach about the long term financial consequences of your permanent disability are critical in determining your eventual compensation.

While a permanent disability almost certainly entails future medical expenses and lost income, such injuries may require yet more additional services. For example, rehabilitation services including physical therapy, pain management and therapy may be available for compensation as well. While the individual circumstances of your injuries play a critical role in determining the extent these factors apply, a fresno personal injury attorney may assist you in receiving maximum value for your situation.

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