A Class Action Settlement has been proposed in litigation against Anthem, Inc. (“Anthem”) and other health benefit companies (together, called “Defendants” in this notice), relating to the data breach that Anthem announced in February 2015 (“the Data Breach”). If you received a notice from Anthem about the Data Breach or if your personal information was [...]
Brokerpriceopinion.com, Inc., First Valuation, LLC, First Valuation Services, LLC, First Valuation Technology, LLC, Cartel Asset Management, LLC, Walter Coats, and ValuTech, Inc. (“Brokerprice” or “Defendants”) have agreed to pay $1,020,000 to cover payments to persons who completed broker price opinions on Brokerprice’s behalf but were not paid for their services in accordance with their payment [...]
According to court documents relating to this roughly $60 per person settlement agreement you may qualifiy if "If you or a member of your household provided Terminix with your cellular phone numbers in connection with purchasing or receiving services from Terminix, then you provided consent to receive automated and prerecorded payment and/or debt collection calls, [...]
Primary plaintiff Rainbow Business Solutions filed the Northern Leasing credit card equipment fees class action lawsuit in 2010. Nine other primary plaintiffs eventually joined the class action lawsuit that alleged the defendants collaborated to charge fraudulent fees and property taxes in connection with the leasing of processing services and credit card equipment. According to class [...]
Consumers who paid fuel and/or environmental fees to Waste Industries or any of the companies affiliated with Waste Industries between March 3, 2011 and September15, 2017 might qualify for compensation from a recent class action settlement. A judge preliminarily approved the class action settlement on August 9, 2017. Lead plaintiff Wild Rides Internet Café LLC [...]

More than 30 retired employees filed a class action lawsuit against Hamilton Township School district in 2014. The primary plaintiffs alleged Hamilton Township School District failed to make cash payments to retirees who expected to receive compensation for prescription medication coverage. According to court documents, the lead plaintiffs asserted the school district stopped making payments […]

Primary plaintiff David Gebhart filed the initial General Information Solutions class action lawsuit in November of 2015. Gebhart claimed the defendant violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by presenting unlawful information in a number of background reports. Co- plaintiffs Rondo Tyus and Jesse Hale later joined Gebhart in the class action lawsuit. Gebhart reached […]

Primary plaintiffs James Guerra, Jeanette Gandolfo, and Benjamin Hankinson filed the Rooms To Go class action lawsuit in August of 2015. The class action lawsuit named parent company R.T.G. Furniture Corporation and several subsidiaries that go by the business name Rooms To Go. Lisa Palmer, Donald Anderson, and Lisa Prihoda joined the three original plaintiffs [...]
Primary plaintiff Judith Flahive filed the Inventurus Knowledge Solutions TCPA class action on May 26, 2017. Flahive alleged she received unsolicited telephone calls to her cell phone that pertained to a debt she needed to pay off to Inventurus. According the court documents, the lead plaintiff informed Inventurus she wanted the company to refrain from [...]
As two rental properties discovered with the filing of a class action lawsuit, San Francisco and the State of California have passed laws that prevent landlords from violating the rights of tenants. Harcourt Group LLC and Sojourn Properties Inc recently settled a class action lawsuit alleging the two rental companies forced tenants to move out [...]