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Terminix Robocall Class Action Settlemtn Details Revealed – Lawsuit Ends

According to court documents relating to this roughly $60 per person settlement agreement you may qualifiy if “If you or a member of your household provided Terminix with your cellular phone numbers in connection with purchasing or receiving services from Terminix, then you provided consent to receive automated and prerecorded payment and/or debt collection calls, unless you subsequently revoked such consent by contacting Terminix. This lawsuit only applies to individuals that did not give such consent, or who were called after they revoked their consent.”


This lawsuit alleges that Terminix (“Defendant”) violated the federal Telephone
Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) by making automated and/or prerecorded payment and/or
debt-collection telephone calls to the cell phones of called parties within the United States who did
not give consent to receive such calls. Defendant denies the claims in Plaintiff’s complaint and
deniesthat it violated the TCPA. The Court did not decide in favor of the Plaintiff or the Defendant.
Instead, both sides have agreed to a Settlement. The Settlement avoids the cost, risk, and delay of

Without admitting any fault or
liability, and in exchange for a release of all claims against it, if the settlement is finally
approved, Defendant has agreed to arrange to make payments of $60.00 to each class member who
submits a proper and approved claim form, to pay a service award to Plaintiff for serving as the
class representative, and to pay attorneys’ fees and expenses awarded by the Court. If the Court
approves the settlement, all Settlement Class Members who submit a valid and timely Proof
of Claim Form (attached) will be mailed a check for $60.00. Settlement Class Members will also
give up any right to file or continue a lawsuit against Terminix and its affiliates, subsidiaries and
agents, as well as The ServiceMaster Company LLC and its affiliates, subsidiaries and agents
(“Released Parties”), arising from automated payment and/or debt- collection calls to cell phones
within the United States made by or on behalf of Terminix. Unless you formally exclude yourself
from this Settlement, you will release your claims, whether or not you submit a Claim Form and
receive payment. The Court has preliminarily approved this settlement, subject to a fairness
hearing that will occur on February 23, 2018, at 10:00 a.m., 10th Floor Clyde Atkins U.S.
Courthouse, United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, 301 N. Miami Ave.,
Miami, FL 33128.

2017/12/26 19:32:24

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