It appears honesty is not the best policy for The Honest Company. Several primary plaintiffs allege The Honest Company fraudulently labeled produces as “natural,” “All natural,” Naturally derived,” or “Plant based.” However, the plaintiffs asserted that all of the products contained synthetic and/or toxic ingredients. The Honest Company class action settlement results from the [...]
With the Internet morphing in to the electronic version of the Wild West, government agencies responsible for monitoring online security take invasion of privacy cases very seriously. Just ask Path, Yelp, Twitter, Gowalla, and Instagram. Several primary plaintiffs accused numerous app developers of violating the terms of company privacy policies. The class action lawsuit also [...]
The United States has numerous state and federal laws that prohibit false and misleading advertising, as pharmaceutical company Pharmavite found out during a recent class action lawsuit. Lead plaintiff Lorean Barrera charged supplements manufacturer Pharmavite LLC with making false and misleading statements on the labels and packages of the company’s glucosamine and chondroitin supplements. According [...]
The United States Congress enacted the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) to prevent telemarketers from making unsolicited telephone calls to consumers who do not want to receive the calls. Congress has expanded the legal authority of the TCPA over the past couple of decades, but as Carnival Cruise and Royal Caribbean discovered, preventing telemarketer calls [...]